• Alice's Restaurant
Black Eyes and End Times
• Broken Bottles and the Southside of Heaven
Desert Takes Its Form
Like a Moth to the Flame
The Severance Package
You Know I'll Never Tell

• Instinct, Aggression, and the Dharma of Murphy
• On Marriage
• The Heart of Saturday Night
• How I Wished For You Today
        • Pt. 1
        • Pt. 2
        • Pt. 3
        • Pt. 4

People I Meet in Bars
        I'd rather read in a bar than a library. Here's who I meet there.
        • #1: Jane, the lonely girl who spoke in all caps.
        • #2: Jay, the man whose one true love was 80-proof.
        • #3: Anne, the girl who didn't know why she ditched her fiance.
        • #4: Jason, the guy who thought he was hot shit.
        • #5: Rick, the man in the suit who didn't want to be The Scotch Guy.
        • #6: Stan, the populist guy with a creed and a smile.
        • #7: Gwen, the ex-girlfriend.
        • #8: Jeff, the half-orphan who just wanted to smoke.
        • #9: Meg and Jim, the happy couple.
        • #10: Sheila, the baker who'd rather make wedding pie than wedding cake.
        • #11: Hank, the carpenter with the soul of a poet.
        • #12: Greg, the hesitant drinker and passionate godfather.
        • #13: T.J., the nine-year-old Spider-Man fan (not a bar, though)
        • #14: Mary Jane, Ken, Jenny, Tom, Carly, et. al., the other fake cowboys and our ringleader (also not a bar)
        • #15: Bob, the sad drunk.
        • #16: Wade, Dustin, and their friend MJ, they who would rather smoke than drink.
        • #17: Emily, the actress.
        • #18: Emily (again), the actress who didn't care to be written about.
        • #19: the dude who wouldn't reveal his name.
        • #20: Michelle, the pretty girl looking for something she won't find in her own backyard.
        • #21: Seth, the guy that punched me in the face.
        • #22: John and Up, fans of zombies and poor taste.

Goodmornings and Goodnights
        How they found their feet.
        • Pt. 1: It's nighttime.
        • Pt. 2: It's morning again.
        • Pt. 3: She snores. A lot.
        • Pt. 4: You will still love me tomorrow.
        • Pt. 5: the Koreas.
        • Pt. 6: Baby steps.
        • Pt. 7: Eyes like fishing line, lips like baited hooks.
        • Pt. 8: Art's a funny thing.
        • Pt. 9: So you can take your rest.
        • Pt. 10: In the market for a beach house.
        • Pt. 11: Now you're free falling.
        • Pt. 12: Strong to the finish
        • Pt. 13: Statistically still safer to fly.
        • Pt. 14: Welcome back, darlin'.
        • Pt. 15: Natural beauty amongst beef tamales.
        • Pt. 16: True love travels on a gravel road.