Friday, May 4, 2012

the singular appeal of fantasy.

I’m thinking at this exact moment
how it sounds like each of her words
escapes over smiling lips
on some jetstream of stifled giggles

when she says
“everything you say
sounds like you’re saying it while you’re smiling.
you just sound so gentle.”


I’ve been thinking about it
and I think I have a good explanation
for why that other thing from tonight 
matters so much

and here’s how I should’ve explained it:

that each character in Harry Potter
had their own series of books.
there's a Hagrid series and a Sirius series
maybe even a series with a guy with the weird eye
and a Harry series that everyone guest stars in
etc. etc.
and then
one day
she decides to make a new book
that everyone is in.
and it’s kinda like that
but with superheroes
who avenge the crap out of stuff.”

but I had an extra ticket
and sat next to an empty seat
while the chaos unfolded onscreen
and my childhood dreams came to perfect cinematic life
I kept looking at the armrest
joining my two seats together,
wondering just how much lovelier it would’ve looked
with our arms resting upon it,
fingers intertwined like yarn in the crocheted hat
that you’re wearing in my favorite picture of you.

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