Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a dog person meets an undecided.

on Saturday,
she asked me what I was writing.

"it's about a woman and her dog," I said,
while Hitch ran in circles around coffee tables made from card catalogs,
"and something happens.
But it turns out okay."

she lifted her legs up over mine
and stretched out on the couch,
the dachshund sprinting across carpet,
leaving trails behind him.

"but I have an idea for something else."
and I told her the story.

"that's so sad," she said
(and she was right)
"I think that writing something that sad
would really break your heart."
(and she was right)

and I'm getting a story published.
it's sort of a bummer
speaking to darker times
than I can even imagine

when I was driving back to New Mexico,
watching the sun set on red rock ridges,
begging for reception in remote regions,

I thought of a new book.

dig this:

it's about a girl who meets this guy
and he's got a lot of stuff he's working through
but she understands
is nothing but sweet to him
and holds him so tight
that everything else just fades away
into the background

and it may not be much of a plot.
I recognize that.

maybe it'd be boring to some people
but hell:
a story about a dude
who meets a person as lovely as you?

I'd read it.

sounds pretty wonderful.

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