Tuesday, May 22, 2012

at the beep.

"Hello, Henrietta--
if this is Henrietta's number,
but it doesn't sound like it is,
so if not,
please disregard--

this is Cousin Florencia,
and I'm calling to see if
you can pass on a message
to your mother, my Aunt Virginia.

my mother, Claudia,
passed away last night
and this is the only number that I have.

I know that we haven't spoken since the last funeral--
the argument outside of the pool was unfortunate,
and I hope that you received the check I sent
for the dry cleaning,
that the cost was covered,
and that the blood came out--
but I am not sure how else to get the message
to Aunt Virginia.

I hope you are all well
and if this is the wrong number,
please disregard this voicemail.

but if it is Henrietta,
please come home.
it's been so quiet
since the two of you moved to Seattle.
now we're the only family that we have
and family should be together.

vaya con Dios.

te extra├▒o."