Monday, May 7, 2012

asking for flowers.

southern California is an awfully lovely place
but the amount of toll roads make me want to vote for Ralph Nader
(it took me ten dollars to get onto the I-5,
although a lot of that was probably misnavigation
but Republicans like to blame everything on the government
so I'm gonna follow suit on this one
just to see how it feels)


I was so annoyed at the singles flying from my wallet
and the quarters disappearing from my dash
that my brain shifted
and I started thinking about each dollar as something I couldn't give you anymore

the first toll road was the Jack in the Box burger that'd blow your mind
the second was a small vase for a tulip I picked you
the third a Bon Iver EP

and it kept me grumpy enough to keep driving
until I got here
and just wished I was somewhere else.

I've already been in New Mexico longer than I was in Colorado,
and that's odd to me for any number of reasons

but here I am,
puppy in my lap
Hold Steady blaring behind me
open window bringing breeze
nighttime Dr. Pepper on my tongue
and things are quiet and nice and peaceful
(a relief among reliefs, if I'm to be totally honest)

but all I can think
is how I sorta wish
that I had that bulldog.

who knows.
maybe he'd like Flagstaff in the summer.

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