Monday, April 23, 2012

you couldn't find this unless you were looking for it.

I didn't want it to turn out like this
and I was actually proud of us just letting it be over
until things
took a turn.

the reasons why I had to leave
are irrelevant
(and you already know them, anyway)

but I will leave you with two gifts

I know the things that you've convinced yourself
about me
and I'll not remind you of the evidence otherwise
the things I did
or the broken things I repaired
shattered windows in both your heart and apartment
that I boarded up
so that you can hold onto that anger
and I truly hope that it'll keep you warm.

I know the terrible things that you think about yourself
because you'd say them in your sleep.
at first I thought them to be
consequences of bad dreams
informed by too much TV and cynicism
but then I realized that you actually believe them
so listen closely
and believe me
when I tell you that those aren't true.

but maybe one of those is a lie
although I'm not sure which.

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