Thursday, April 12, 2012


I want to show my kids Star Wars
show them how to be that perfect blend of Luke and Han
and teach them how to treat animals,
explaining mortality to them
when they inevitably find some baby bird,
neck broken from crashing into our window


watch Rio Bravo with them
and teach them how to treat their friends
more importantly
how to find them)
and how you shouldn't judge people by their appearance
always be kind to women
and stand up to bullies
even if you're outnumbered
because you never really are
when you're fighting for good


see how they react to Rocky
because the world didn't think he won
but there's no loss in staying on your feet
and taking your punches as they come,
regardless of who's throwing them
and what matters more than the fight
is what you're fighting for

and I hope they'll grow up like Peter Parker,
putting everything ahead of themselves
so that no one
is left behind

so that no one
has to be alone.

1 comment:

Chris T. Poo said...

By perfect blend of Luke and Han, you mean Han. Right?