Monday, March 12, 2012

the mean seasons.

I have been coughing all day
(and was wheezing last night
but I think you were sleeping deeply enough
to not be disturbed,
Lord willing)

it's moved from the back of my head
to my nose
down to my throat
and now it hovers in my chest
like a swamp-green clo–

that's not relevant.

what I'm trying to tell you,
is that my voice is gone
and I'm having trouble speaking,
at least at a normal volume.

which is fine enough,
I guess,
since everything I ever feel like telling you
and all of the thoughts that jump to my lips
would be better suited to a whisper.


brittney said...

bah how I missed your posts. this is so darling.

Anonymous said...

I like the sense of intimacy in your poems. Reading this makes me feel sentimental, remembering little details from my own life, which is a little saddening but that means it moved me.