Wednesday, February 15, 2012

we're gonna have a good time.

It only started snowing ten minutes ago, but there's already three quarters of an inch dusting the gravel path, and that, combined with the broken pinky toe on her left foot throws off her balance. She grabs my arm as we walk from my front door to her car.
"When can I see you again?"
She bites her lip and curls to a smile. "When are you out of town?"
"Friday morning."
She pauses. "Wednesday--tomorrow--or Thursday are both good."
"I'll take Wednesday." I crack thumbs one-handed and she pirouettes from my side to face me. "That way, I can try to steal Thursday, too."
She kisses me goodnight, wishes me a happy birthday, and her car disappears into the snow, and I swear to God that the sun rises at 12:37 AM and melts away the winter.

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