Saturday, January 14, 2012

the simple joys of country living.

"Always liked the idea of moving out here. You can go no farther, like the pioneers with their wagons and horses. This is it. You've seen everything the country has to offer; this is as good a place to finish up as any.

I'm done with cities. They complicate and compromise. Intrigue against you, even. Something in their nature, their history, it makes you less than what you are. San Francisco was a cesspool in its time. A century ago, little more, there was a stretch of it where every son of a bitch in all creation gathered. They came in off the ocean or across the land, and they made that place a whore to rival Babylon.

But out here, you leave all that behind. You look the past in the eye, and you feel clean."

-Garth Ennis

(even though I'm awful fond of San Francisco and am a big fan of many of its residents.)

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brittney said...

every single san franciscan is a fan of you. every. single. one.