Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thank you, ma'am, but I must decline.

I've been listening to songs about horses
Not entirely sure why, either
which isn't to say that I don't know
what it is about horses
because it's everything about them.

some time ago
I went to my favorite town
and spent some time at a horse ranch

it was the damndest thing
hearing what others thought about the west
in ways that I hadn't considered
or seen
or envisioned outside of anything but my dreams

but tonight
I'm thinking all about things running free
something about the west
where everything just

the last time I was in Baker City
I saw a movie about someone
who pretended to be a cowboy
and fixed everything
(didn't even try to)
but through sheer willpower
nothing else
found himself on the winning side
and everything was okay.

I remember trying that.

I found a hat
paisley shirts
and a pretty girl with red hair
who gave a shit about how she treated people

but not only is life not a cartoon
it's not a movie
nor a cartoon
nor anything worth watching, really.

and that's okay, I suppose
because it is what it is

I think I've isolated the problem:

this whole time
I've been worrying about being further west
as though there was something about longitude
something in east/west binaries
keeping me from peace
but now
on my fourth-to-last night in this town
(nothing new, anyway)
I'm revising my future
replacing ink with lead

and thinking:

you've ruined the west.

I'll take the south,
thank you.

I'll bring you some enchantment.
I hear there's a land for that.

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Meg said...

say hi to Georgia for me.