Saturday, October 15, 2011

shock and awwwwww.

it took just under nine hours to make it home this time
(about two hours less than last time,
a testament to the importance of proper planning
and attentive navigation).

so here I am,
listening to Steve Earle and the sound of Murphy hrrrrrrrmphing in his office
mug of Perfect Peach to my left
small cup of giant marshmallows to my right
and I think:

I could've driven another just-under-nine hours without a break.

I don't like Utah that much.
there were all sorts of reasons I left
but as soon as I come back
all I see are the things I wish I hadn't left behind

my dog, my family
watching CHiP breakdance and taking Boobie to the movies

if Colorado Springs was my point of origin
and Baker City was my destination
I'd be just over halfway there
and I think I could make it tonight and get there by morning
just in time for breakfast at the Wagon Wheel Diner

I'm good with transitions
and I like heading somewhere
but I don't know how much I like arriving places
anywhere, really

so maybe that's why I'm always thinking about Oregon
but I wrote once that I couldn't really ever live there
(either they don't trust people to pump their own gas
or they trust that some people are only able to pump your gas)
and I can't dig that.

but it's sure easy to feel peace
when you're somewhere you've never been at war.


jer said...

Having to pump your own gas is barbaric.

When I pull into a drive-through, I'm not expected to get out of my car and deep-fry my food myself. It should be the same with gasoline.

Oregon knows best.

Shums said...

The traveling is the worthier part.

Sibyl Vane said...


I was just realizing that I've got a tendency to just want to be away from everyone and everything familiar when things get overwhelming.

Just the other day I was terribly anxious about my own and a friend's future and so I pulled up the list of possible internships for this coming summer and started to apply.

Anywho, it's just to realize I've a friend who relates.

We should hang out when you're next in Utah.

Claire Valene Bagley Hayes said...

So... it's your PHONE that I'm going to have to pummel? Good. I was worried I'd have to do that thing where I say "ANDY, YOU'RE BEING AN (insert semi-mean name). TALK TO ME, DAMMIT." And we both hate that.

Love you.