Tuesday, September 27, 2011

please tell your friends that it was my idea.

I have this idea for a book
and it'd be called

The Thirteen Wives of Edgar Winter

it's about the many women who married a man named "Edgar Winter"
(not the popular rock and roll musician of the 1970s)
and divorced him within a year

each chapter would be about how these women
put their individual lives back together after the divorce
how they dealt with the horrible things he put them through
and moved past it all
learned from their mistakes
became better people
forged themselves through fire

(you, rather)
would never actually meet Edgar
sure, we'd hear about him
lawyers' meetings where he'd no-show
alimony hearings
child support discussions, in a few cases
and maybe even the reasons they fell in love with him

but he's not what's important, I don't think.

what's important is the impact that he has on
the wounds and the world that he left in his wake
and the good that can
(eventually, sometimes, perhaps, hypothetically)
come from this man convincing the world
these women
that he is one thing
when he is
in fact

I wonder how I'd fit you into it, too
which one of the women you'd be
or maybe you'd be a little bit of all of them

yeah, probably that last one,
since that's how it seems to happen
with everything else.


brittney said...

I pretend that it was you on the receiving end

AzĂșcar said...

I would read this book.

I'm almost done with Gone With the Wind, so get chopping.

Meg said...

13 is a great number. I was married on Friday the 13th. It has gotten me far. ;)

Birdy said...

I would be very interested in reading this book.