Tuesday, August 16, 2011

they say you don't have a problem until you start sleeping alone.

I've been planting these seeds in my days and my nights
because you can only reap what you sow
but the sky was on fire and I missed you tonight
and I just thought it fair that you know.

so now I will finish all these stories and sonnets
and sip at my wine 'til I glow
but now I raise my glass to anything that can last
and I want to make sure that you know.

and the breeze coming through my window is cool
so the herbs in my planter will grow
but until then I'll watch and I'll wait and I'll wonder
and it's important to me that you know.

I hope that you're watching the sky tonight, darlin'
and soldier on past what we know
because things just sit so uncomfortably still
and I'd hate for you not to think so.