Monday, July 18, 2011

sure plays a mean pinball.

In The Who's Tommy, Sally Simpson is a confused teenage girl from a wealthy family who idolizes the recovered Tommy as a sort of spiritual guru. Against her father's wishes (and in accordance with her mother's), Sally goes to see Tommy preach his message of "Love Will Find a Way."

During Tommy's sermon, Sally tries to reach out and touch him, but too much commotion makes her fall and hit her face on a chair, cutting her cheek open. She's taken away by an ambulance and sent home.

Then my favorite couplet in the history of rock and roll, courtesy of Pete Townshend:

"Sixteen stitches put her right and her dad said 'Don't say I didn't warn ya!'
Sally got married to a rock musician she met in California."

Always makes me smile. Listen here.

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