Thursday, July 28, 2011

every night about this time.

I met Dave Alvin last week.
and even though you and I never talked about it
I always considered one of his tunes
"our song."

and it came up on shuffle the other day
while I was researching effectiveness of subject line personalization
(very, in case you were wondering)

I put it on repeat for
three hours. just sitting there at work,
listening to this sad song on an endless loop.

I turned it off.
Mustered the strength and put it away
because I didn't need to hear it.
This town is quiet enough.

I went about my day.

I finished my work, packed my bag, refilled my water bottle
and began the mile and a half walk home.
It was raining just enough to notice
and the sun hit the damp sidewalk like the light above a kitchen sponge.

I passed a man on the street
playing songs on his guitar in front of my favorite bar
and I took out my headphones to see how much of my change he deserved

and he was playing the Dave Alvin song.

I put back in my headphones
tossed him a nickel
and muttered under my breath the rest of the way home.

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