Monday, June 20, 2011

navigating the stars by night.

the main reason i'm heading to colorado
is to escape all of you:
to leave the ghosts behind
and live life as a man unhaunted by the past.

but as i drove home from my folks' house tonight
midnight moon hovering above mountain lines
moisture in the air and
moving on my mind

i was overcome with the first
(of what i assume to be several)
waves of sadness

knowing that not a single thing in colorado
will remind me of you.

so tonight:
i drink to the future
and i'll pour one out for you
and the claims we staked for Spain
all over this valley.

i'll leave the flags planted in the ground
and once a month,
they'll guide my way home
until the wind carries them away
and i have to keep an eye on the stars
if i want to come back down to you.

but until then
i'll find you in every gas station
feel you in every rumble strip
and hear your goodnight in every mile marker
that gets me to fresh ground and unclaimed land.

1 comment:

samela babe. said...

um, srsly? when'd you steal my brain? this is totes my night. delete: CO, insert: OR.