Friday, June 24, 2011

the happiest days of our lives.

"I'll never forgive you," he said, not even turning his head to look at her.


"I'll never forgive you for settling. For settling for someone that wasn't me."

"Oh, you think I should've settled for you, huh?"

He took a deep breath and the November cold shot down an unprepared throat into unprepared lungs.

"Yes." His right foot nearly tripped over his left, but he straightened his stride without missing a beat. "Yes, I do."

And even though they were buried in his front pockets, his fingers were so cold that all he wanted to do was pull them out and rub them together for warmth.

But he didn't want her to see how much they were shaking.

1 comment:

your friend laura said...

who knows...maybe she would have held them if you'd taken them out of your pockets.

people are surprising like that.