Friday, June 17, 2011

apology for an accident.

I'm a magician
I stood up in front of strangers
and brought us back to life
hoisting us up in front of the crowd
letting them throw tomatoes and applause
and hoping that something
would hit my eyes so I couldn't see
everyone that was just waiting for you to show up

because everyone could hear that
every inch and decibel of my voice
was just hoping you'd appear
that I'd pull you out of my hat
and you'd materialize
making everything better

and giving every happy song a happier ending
and each sad song a poetic one

I'm so tired of falling asleep
to neon lights
and reruns of old TV shows

when all I want to hear
is music.


Waif13 said...

I don't care if this sounds trite.

I love this so much

Best thing you've written in a little while by far

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful.

Lauren Nicole said...

LOVE this.

like. a lot.

so beautiful sherwin, seriously.