Monday, May 30, 2011

somehow, in Colorado:

the trees are red and the rocks are green
and there's gold in them hills.
you can see it glistening like a blanket of stars
refracting sunshine and lighting rocky lensflare.

Scott said he found spirituality in his children
and discovering that you can love someone so much
having never met them.
I get that.
I've got nieces and nephews that I'd start nuclear war for
and I think I found something on those roads.

there's rhythm in rumble strips and interstate junctions
44 oz fountain drinks and Tom Petty albums
and I found poetry in exits and rest stops

no one can find you when you're on the road
and you drive until you can't anymore
but the whole time
you're somewhere else

and sometimes
being somewhere else
is all that matters.

1 comment:

lost.souvenir said...

You are really good with words! Jealous!