Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Road trippin', pt. 15: the beginning.

Touches of frozen dew on the windshield take my instincts from late May to early December. The worn cloth of the bucket seat is cold even through jeans and steam rises like smokestacks from the mid-console coffee thermos. The coffee, frost, and sunshine make it smell like Christmas morning.


1. Monument Valley. It was Jesse Custer's penultimate showdown and where they shot Stagecoach. The rocks are shaped like mittens and you could use a warm handshake.

2. Phoenix. Hot tex-mex and hotter afternoons will sweat you down.

3. Santa Fe. One out of every three businesses is an art gallery or museum. Get some perspective.

4. Colorado Springs. The evangelical Christian capital of the world. Though you may disagree, it'll be nice to be around people who know what they believe.

5. Denver. Who knows what you'll find. It's always nice to have a wildcard.

The backseat holds a comforter and my cooler rides shotgun, filled to maximum capacity with baby carrots and cranberries, pecans and peaches. Gas tank's full, sunglasses are on, and I feel like a Blues Brother. Aretha is drifting between underpowered speakers and the 6:27 AM sun is beginning to rise over the Rockies on my right and lights the way south. Milk trucks in an adjacent parking lot depart and return from their morning rounds, loading and unloading coolers suspiciously similar to mine.

I made a few cheese sandwiches, too. I might run into you, and I want to be prepared:

something tells me you might be a vegetarian.

See you there.


Kels H. said...

yay! any adventure fueled by baby carrots & cranberries is promising.

Also, the word verification for this is undky, which I'm pretty sure is txt spk for "unducky" which may be like "unlucky" only more...amphibian. I challenge you to use it in one of your next stories. ha.

The Atheist said...

Jesse. Fucking. Custer. Legendary bastard.

And *this* word verification is 'shunsted', which sounds like being deposed from a position of power by people who refuse to acknowledge your existence for religious reasons...