Friday, April 15, 2011

pack your bags.

i made a brief inventory on a yellow legal pad
and it's titled:


and it's not as long as i'd like it to be.
which is okay, i guess,
because it's hard to expect someone to understand
if you're not willing to explain it.

this list:
these are people who know
and who always seem to have known
instead of instincts
they have glands that let them predict the future
with frightening degrees of accuracy.

and as i looked over this list
this roll call of connective tissue that reads me like a poem
those who can see stanzas in statements and pentameter in protests
i realized something:

very few of them still live here.
most have moved away.
east coast, primarily,
or spain.

for obvious reasons
was troubling,
until i let it stew for a while

and then it made a certain degree of sense
because most people here that get it
get it well enough to know
that they're not gonna find it here.


Claire Valene Bagley said...

Can I make a list of all the lists you make? Pros and cons, grocery lists, etc...

Rachel said...

I like this one. Also, did you notice last week how Lily was going to go to Spain and then the girl on Parenthood who didn't get into Berkeley with the horrible big glasses got drunk and discussed moving to Spain.....and then yesterday David and I were walking around Basque Country (San Sebastian) and ate at a pizzeria that played HIMYM in spanish? The episode where Ted contemplates a 3some. We miss you. Are you sure you don't want to come visit before July?