Sunday, March 20, 2011

west of the west.

This one's for Rachel and Dave.


I cannot in good conscience
hang my head where they take my gun
so I'll say goodbye to California
because I'm still on the run.

I'm a man who does his own
your work precedes your fun
they pump your gas in Oregon
so again I'm on the run.

I love these trees, I love this green
but I can't see the sun
there's so little wrong with Washington
but I'll stay on the run.

I need my high desert higher than this
so I'm afraid we're done
I hate to leave you, Idaho,
but I'm still on the run.

The heat is overwhelming here
and the summer's just begun
I've loved you for so long, Nevada,
but I'm back on the run.

That one thing I said before
about the sunshine that they shun?
You overcompensated, Arizona,
so again I'm on the run.

But every winter I drink my wine
and in the summer I have my beer
Utah's where my mountains are
so maybe I'll stay here.

And I miss you morning, noon, and night
when the sky is cloudy or clear
I hope you'll one day come home, my darling,
so I will wait for you right here.


Meg said...

yes please, and thank you. I love it when you're industrious.

Rachel said...

I love this and it makes me so happy you dedicated it to us. I want to sing it with a banjo. We just got back from England and thought of you the whole time, with all the Guinness and meat pies.

Rachel said...

I think I will print this and frame it.