Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Johnny Leone left a note on the door.

Come see my band on Thursday, March 17th. It'll be killer.


Steinbeck comes to the pacific northwest
and tells you the stories and people he's heard
John Ford picks up a camera to capture
the essence of blessings and hangs on every word

And Johnnie tells you stories in the dark
the only light's his cigarette and spark
Once another John got baptized on the other side of town
so check out all your nooks and crannies
and tell me what you've found.

So Sergio films deserts and a man without a name
he liked the look of American west but set up camp in Spain
and there they are and they all shoot their cameras and their guns
but nothing lights the mid-May sand like a summer of setting suns.

Now I only know where you wanted to go
and not for a second where you went
so I made a call, gave my card and my all
and by now, the plane ticket's been sent.

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Meg said...

have you put these to music yet?!