Sunday, February 20, 2011

I dreamt I woke up:

i saw an armadillo on TV
and it curled up into a ball to protect itself
making the world its womb and
shutting everything out
showing his armored backside to anyone looking for him

someone told harvey pekar that
he was facing a "growth experience"
and harvey said
"i'd be glad to trade some growth for happiness."

i look back on the last three years
and the things that stick out

this whole time, i thought i'd been growing as a person
now i think i've been shrinking
but that's okay
with my shoulders slouched
and my back hunched
like the mighty armadillo
i'm now a smaller target
and it'll be harder for you
any of you
to get to me.


Meg said...


Waif13 said...

It sounds like you need some sunshine in your life.

Come visit.