Thursday, January 20, 2011

secular rockulidge.

Sometimes, on rough days, nothing can make me smile like watching self-declared anarchists, communists, anti-consumerists, anti-globalization activists, and "revolutionaries" sit around Borders until closing time on a Thursday night, sipping multinational coffee and talking about corporation-induced wage slavery. These people wouldn't know irony if it sat them down and read them a story by O. Henry.

Their supposed "impending revolution" ideology is no different than the premillenial dispensationalists that they belittle as opiate-of-the-masses-imbibing sheep, the ones that are actively awaiting the End of Days as they (mis)understand it. And just like those tools, I hope, for their sake, it actually does come soon, because it must be awful being wrong all the time.

I tried really hard to not feel superior to these people, but they made it so difficult.

And that's cool, I guess. Every village needs its idiots, every court needs its jesters, and every party needs its pinatas.

But, for whatever it's worth, I missed you tonight.


Meg said...

The court jester--or fool--actually stands in for the person who sees through society. P.S. Why didn't you tell me you were at Border's?

Andy said...

I was using it more in the context of "these people are morons" than in that of an actual court jester.

I didn't tell you because YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME MEG

France is said...

andy... where have you gone on fbook? also: did you work for sundance selling tickets this year? just a question because i saw the news last night and there was a guy who looked just like you. the end.

Andy said...

Got rid of my Facebook account for a while. Closed up shop to clear the ol' head.

And no, I wasn't selling tickets, but the man who looked just like me sounds very attractive.