Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, Gwen.

In honor of tonight's performance from Casanova Frankenstein, here are the lyrics to "Oh Gwen," which is perhaps my favorite of our tunes to play.

Recordings coming soon. Hope you'll like 'em. Thanks to everyone that made it out.

Also, for the record, long-time readers may already be familiar with the story of Gwen. You can read it here. And yes, it is the same Gwen.


There's something always slipping sideways
inside of my own head
The skin and bones and the intonations
of the things I thought I had since put to bed

And I don't wanna be an imposition,
but I've come to respect the mission
and precision behind your eyes, only now I recognize
that neither one's for me

I hear the arrangements have been made
and that the airplane ticket's paid for
If that's not love, in the name of God above,
what should this be made for?

Other than a potential loss
who or what are you so afraid of?
I guess in time, when your eyes meet mine,
we'll find out what it is that you're made of

Oh Gwen, I don't know what you thought, but I just wanted to be your friend
and pay for all the things you bought and maybe just pretend a bit
that there was more inside your mind than what my eyes could see
you could pass by all the grind, and maybe there I'd be

You had an early class and you grabbed my ass
and I thought that you would stay
great first date that satiated me
for about a day

Call you back and we're on track
for a second time around
it was then and maybe when
I did not hear another single sound
(I guess you weren't around)

There's something there and I don't mean to scare you
but it's hard to let things go
so here I am, and I'm back again
and there's something that you should know

I don't mean all of the obscene things
I seem to have said
I'll admit it's hell to walk on the eggshells
like the ones I feel I've had to tread
all inside your head.

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