Sunday, June 20, 2010

the Koreas.

"Have you ever been out of the country?" she asks, nibbling at the last straggling bits of scrambled egg hanging around the outskirts of her plate.

"Just a few times," you say. "Nowhere super exciting. Canada, mostly."

"I want to go to Canada. It always sounds so pleasant."

"Toronto's like if Manhattan took a nap and bought you a box of donuts. Everyone says hi and makes eye contact." You take a sip of your peppermint tea as a light drizzle gathers into drips, rolling down your open kitchen window. "It's a nice change of pace. Have you ever been abroad?"

"No." She flicks a dime-size piece of bacon and crunches it loudly. "My sister was born in the Koreas, though, when my dad was in the Army."

"The Koreas?"

"Yeah, like, there's north and south."

"Yeah, but, I's just Korea."

"But there's two of them!" She smiles and you can see a little piece of grapefruit fiber between her teeth. "If I say 'Korea,' you don't know which I'm talking about!"

"But it's just Korea, not the Koreas."

"If I say 'I'm going to Carolina,' you wouldn't know if it was north or south. You'd have to clarify." Her eyes are on fire in that way that they get when they know that they're right.

"If I say 'I'm gonna make some ribs with Carolina Honey barbecue sauce,' do you have to ask which Carolina? No, because that's just the region for which it's named. 'Korea' is Korea, not 'the Koreas.'" But I'm wrong and I've painted myself into a corner like I had begged for a damn brush.

"You're cute when you think you're right." She drops another kiss on your cheek like a depth charge.

She whistles a Whiskeytown song while you wash the dishes and you wonder how many more frequent flier miles you'd need for two international plane tickets.


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I just realized that there is food in all of these. This definitely contributes to my liking of them.