Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the future.

i thought that i saw you a bit after midnight
sailing through clouds and the sky
i wondered how you were up there right now
but i never thought once to ask why.

and the ghosts of you stay on my pillow
while the smell of your hair sits alone
the living room bed where you once laid your head
does its best to adapt and atone.

i don't think you know of the struggles you've faced
or the battles you've managed to fight
but when i close my eyes i can't help recognizing
the way that you looked in the moonlight.

i'm performing a self-transformation
and i started the legwork today
i don't know what you've heard, but please take my word
that darlin', i'm soon on my way.

so maybe i'll see you back up there tomorrow
and you'll break through a lingering cloud
a wink and a smile as you soar down the aisle
and embrace what you've now been allowed.

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