Wednesday, April 28, 2010

goodbye, yellow house. no caps.

I'm moving tomorrow. And I look around at these walls, these rice paper partitions that have seen it all. The one thing that's been there this whole time has been this house. And tonight's my last night under its roof.

I loved so deeply here.

Here's to a better year. I'll drink to that.

Club soda, though. You always want your goodbyes to be sober so you can have the clearest view of what you're leaving behind.

And I feel like I'm leaving behind a lot.


Sarah said...

On to greener pastures? (that was meant to sound hopeful)

How were tacos?

Haylee said...

goodbye riddance house! Greater things await!

Wells and Chrisi Brockbank said...

yeah, I am SOOOOO happy, I have Andy, Sarah, and Rachel as blog buddies... so great... I love your blog..