Saturday, April 10, 2010

fingers crossed.

the light from the hall leaks across the floor
you crawl beside her and she holds you like a grudge
"why are you this way?" she asks. "you should be more damaged."
"I don't know.

the world's just too good sometimes."
she kisses you goodnight and you fall asleep
to the maracas of the rain and the meows of a feral cat
directly outside the window.

"maybe we should let it in," she says.

you inch the door open and it scampers away
it's terrified of you
its eyes glow moonlight back into yours
vaults itself up a tree branch

maybe it'll come down later.
the door's open for it.

"let's get some sleep."

1 comment:

britt said...

I thought about "you should be more damaged" all weekend. I like this one a lot.