Tuesday, April 27, 2010

blow it out your ass, This Last Semester.

I think I failed my German final.

My glasses are broken and a resulting tension headache has creeped into the back of my brain.

My sleep clock feels like it only has a minute hand.

I'm drinking diet cherry Dr. Pepper in the dark, pounding out inane pseudoinsights about great literature and taking mental inventory of the furniture I'll need to build myself from lumber and paint and bloody, bruised knuckles when I move out of this house in two days.

I wish I could write in past tense sometimes. Or future tense.

Just something different.


Anonymous said...

i don't feel bad for you.


because you won't return my damn phone calls or texts.

that's why.


emilyf said...

future tense. Now that would be interesting...

you can't win everything. Especially when it's in German.