Sunday, March 28, 2010

westward ho (for reals)

posted this a bit ago, then immediately regretted the decision and removed it.

it's back. why the hell not. "nothing to lose" gives a man a lot of room in which to wiggle.

and I'm off to Ellroy and then bed. hope you had a good weekend.


there remains a darkness hiding from the corner light
there's nothing left once you're bereft and close your line of sight.
I pour a glass--this will not last--but send it down the drain
it may hurt now, but I see how, like this, things can't remain.

so talk to me, just show up, make another call
twelve in one night, but now you might not say my name at all.
and social circles will expand and possibly contract,
but you can hide right by my side if you find the deck is stacked.

you're aware of where I live and the color of my home
there's a time and place I'd see your face but now you'd rather be alone
so I'll shut my mouth and fold my hands and watch the ticking clock
and remember when you let me in like water to the dock.

I'm going away for a week or more (I'm not sure just how long)
there's nothing here but empty fear and a California song
but at least you'll see some sunshine as you're driving far out west
I'll be content with letters sent and my place as second-best.

but I imagine that's a simple version of our lives
(something to consider as we're going on our respective drives)
running from my problems and running to my favorite haunt,
but I hope the coast will be the most that you could ever want.

but if it's not and you find yourself needing just a little more,
(and don't forget the sun will set on any open door)
you know where to find me and you know I'm still awake

though another song could take too long
and another year could find me here
jump-starting cars for shooting stars

and new years' eve made me believe
that there's a chance for a roadside dance
in a greasy spoon to a country tune
hand in hand as we had planned

marking miles by gentle smiles
rearview mirror's getting clearer
tumbleweeds and decent deeds
cast our spell in a cheap motel

and chocolate labs are up for grabs
fourth of July under nighttime sky
sweet goodnights and "I'm alright"s
and charcoal suits and cowboy boots

but in all these rhymes I've lost the times to which I'd held on strong
and another day could make me say that I don't know right from wrong.
but my mind is open (and so's my door), and though I'm sick about the past,
through the debris, I clearly see something that I know could truly last.

this week will find me wandering, a Honda-driving rover
and a sailing ship's not the only trip that I want to start over.

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