Friday, March 19, 2010

Pictures, despite my better judgment:

Shaved my head. Might as well embrace the hairline. But the beard's not going ANYWHERE.

Remember that time I met Corb? You should've been there. And we should've all been there for this picture.

Me and Brumpie. A real, honest-to-God horse.

The inspiration for the newest writing. Jeez, I love horses.

He's a good boy, that Brumpie.

This is Louie, the Welsh Corgi that followed me around, looking for a scratch behind the ears (seriously, I think 'Welsh Corgi' may have surpassed 'chocolate lab' in the Breed Of Dog I Want us to raise. I'm open for discussion.)

Louie again. It's like he's...king.

It's like this landscape is daring me to leave. Because it knows I can't.

Here's Brumpie.

I think you'd've liked him. He was mild-mannered and appreciated a scratch behind the ears.

This is, uh, some other horse. But he looks like Clint's from High Plains Drifter, so he got his picture taken.

Brumpie again. He's not winking, he's just half-blind.

Aaaaaaaaaand there's the eye socket. Cancer 1, Brumpie 2 (he kept his one eye and got to ride with me, and I won't rest until he meets you, so there you have it).

See above caption. Same holds.
Is there a more romantic horse than one with only a single eye?

The Eastern Slope Ranch sign. This is the marker at the gates of Heaven, for whatever it's worth.

Honestly? I think you'd have liked this place.

And boy oh boy, the stories I have to tell you when you're ready to hear.

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Jessica Peterson said...

I am in love with Brumpie