Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oh, how I miss sweet Virginia.

Virginia, Virginia goes back every week
spends Fridays up north at the farm
it's the one single place where the lines on your face
and not knowing yourself are no cause for alarm.

Virginia, Virginia goes back every week
spends Saturday nights at the farm
while she's fully aware, she won't even dare
to acknowledge the knowledge that helps keep her warm.

Virginia, Virginia goes home every week
spends Sundays alone at the farm
in her fingers and toes and her eyes and her nose
and her heart, she will know that she wishes no harm.

but Virginia, Virginia comes back every week
as her accent returns to her lips
she'll stand in the sun as her mind comes undone
and discover herself in a lakeside eclipse

and maybe tomorrow we'll go back out there
forgetting the scars of the past
though she's tried to have love both below and above,
at least she's found something that she knows can last.

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