Thursday, March 4, 2010

More and more and more.

It's her again.

She made it home.

Don't let the picture fool you: at 20 months old, Emery is actually 5'9" (he's just standing in front of a massive couch)

Holy crap is she gorgeous.

She is also pursuing a career in aerospace travel.

She decided to be cryogenically frozen until Iron Man 2 is out.

I lent her one of my socks to use as a blanket (see, it's funny because she's not small enough to fit into a sock).

Conserving her energy for the hearts she'll break in fifteen years and 359 days (when her parents will finally let her out of the house to be around boooooooooooooys [but she'll be tailed by Uncle Andy, who will be observing from behind a newspaper with holes cut out for his eyes])

Thanks for coming, Ruby. You've got excellent timing.


Andy said...

The pictures don't even do her 1/3 of her deserved justice.

emilyf said...

welcome to the planet! We need more like her. You should have some babies, Andy.

jer said...

Mae had to go under one of those lights, too. It was heartbreaking, especially because we had to take her BACK to the hospital after being home a couple days. They let us sleep in the hospital room with her, though - which helped.

She's gorgeous, by the way - and I second emilyf's idea - you need your own. I'd help you out but. . . you know . . . wrong equipment.

When are you going to come out to Oregon and see your pseudo-niece? She already knows you as "uncle andy"