Thursday, March 4, 2010

kid gloves.

She said her heart’s been turned to stone
by all the nights she’s slept alone
she hopes that she can atone
for all the heartbreak that she’s wrought
She hides her anger behind the tears
and thinks that the last five years
are the realization of her fears
and that she’s been forgotton

Late at night she wonders aloud
and passes days under the clouds
she stays at home to avoid the crowds
(at least the ones that she don’t start herself)
Seems like she talks quite the game
but circumstance remains the same
she wondered if she had screamed my name
and I wondered that myself

What was rain has turned to snow
and the frost has frozen down below
the one thing that she doesn’t know
is if someone’s gonna stick around
Night and morning, twice a day,
she bows her head and tries to pray
can’t think of a thing to say
and there’s not a single sound.


Shums said...

Big fan of this one. Needs music.

Andy said...

It's got music, Shums. You oughta come hear us sometime and you'll get a solid dose of uptempo country shuffle.

Shums said...

That I shall be glad to do at my earliest convenience.