Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am not a gun.

Remember how you asked me
to tell you a story and I read something
to you over the phone as you fell asleep
and I waited an hour and a half on the line
in case you woke up?

Yeah, it's your turn.
You owe me a story.
I'll give you an example.

"Once upon a time
there was a man who woke up at noon
played video games for an hour
deposited his paycheck at the bank (two minutes before it closed)
went to Costco to pick up a prescription that remains unfilled
(his doctor's office is apparently run by young earth creationists
who think that Jesus hates when His children use telephones)
and tried to buy a 24-pack of bottled water and a bag of Craisins
only to find that his membership card had expired
and he renewed it for $50 (well worth it, he thought)
and then picked up a freshly-pressed brown suit at the dry cleaners
before buying a burrito at El Azteca
and going to his office (he didn't really want to be at home)
and doing two hours of work
and then went to the gym and read Ellroy on the bike
for an hour and a half (25 miles, baby) before
going home, showering, and going to see a movie by himself
(it clears the head, you know?)."

Pretty good story, you ask me. I've heard worse.
tell me yours.

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emilyf said...

you are not a gun?

I flew to Seattle and then rode a bus to Canada today. I like to try to fit as many countries in my day as possible... now I'm really hungry. The end.

I am not good storyteller. Sorry