Thursday, February 25, 2010

the world waits for you.

Tonight after
I got home from the
gym and had some eggs--which
are really good for you, by the way, and

mighty tasty
with a little bit of garlic
powder and I'll show you when
you're older--I took a shower and shaved

my beard so
that the first time we
meet, you'll see as much of me as
exists. You're coming at a really good time.

I told my sister
that I'd never forgive
her if they named you Gloria.
Nothing against the name, obviously,

but I called
dibs and Robby half-
took it but Olivia (we call her
"Skittle") has my eyes so I'm not

going to complain
but I feel like that one
needs to get saved. I think you'll
find that Gloria Tulip has a nice ring to it.

"Little petal," I'd call her.

This one time
at church I heard a
man say that there was no such
thing as unconditional love. Its existence and

propagation is
a lie told by anti-Christs
and then I think of you swimming
inside of her and playing pre-amniotic Marco

Polo with
whomever is down
the pike, with whoever's
coming next, whichever huge half-
Sherwin head will crawl its way to life and I think,

"call me Damian,
because if unconditional love is for anti-Christs,
I must be the devil."

It's gonna be hard when you get here because things
don't always go your way and sometimes
you'll have days and nights and days
and nights and days when you can't
eat sleep think or do anything you
need to but that's okay because
when you look in your sky you
will see a sun and a moon that
will always be hovering over
you, warmth on your skin
and light to guide you by
night and I'll be the
stars, filling all the
space between
them both.

Life's hard,
but if you ever feel like you want to give up
all you have to do is say "uncle."


martha said...

ahhhhhh the last line tears at my heart strings. ahhhhhhh andy i still love you.

emilyf said...

I love this so much, too. I think I love it more. So sweet. So clever

britt said...

I think I've read this 50 times since you posted it. I love it.

Nate and Kelly said...

Ruby is the luckiest niece. I love that you love her. And I heart you.

Jiles Pfamily said...

you are so sweet.

Claire Valene Bagley said...

I owe you sushi.

Your birthday and my half-birthday are reason enough for a damn good meal.

Love you.

p.s. I would love to meet your little peoples. Someday?