Friday, February 26, 2010

san francisco serenade.

I picked up my pencil
and I drew a picture.

Two people, a boy and a girl,
and they're in a car.
He's driving.
He's got one hand on the steering wheel
She's got one hand to her side
and their other hands--his right and her left--are meeting in the middle.

I can't draw very well, so they're in the left lane
but at least there are lanes, right?
and she has dots for eyes and scribbles for hair
and he's got glasses and a widow's peak.

The car's got motion lines behind it
because these two are going somewhere
but having no sense of scale makes the speed difficult to determine
and there's a tumbleweed on the side of the road
because the guy driving just wants to be Jesse Custer
and I'm trying to find a way to make it look like they're headed west
because east is where stories begin
but west is where they turn to legend.

The car doesn't have headlights
and I wouldn't know how to draw them anyway
but it's daytime, so I figure they're not important
(they can drive safely without them if it's always light outside)
but instead, on the front of the car,
there's some shoddy print that says
"lovers in a dangerous time"
and I think that might be what I call it.

This may end up being the cover of the book I'm writing.
It's a silly picture, but it's sort of a silly book
it's full of hope and and prayer and towns that don't exist
and it's like California:
not a book so much as a state of mind.


Waif13 said...


Every line.

I don't know where/how you captured the inspiration for this but... Damn.

I want your muse.
And if you don't want to sell her, would you be willing to loan her? Just for a little while?

Andy said...

It would be unwriterly for me to give away the secrets--"I have to imagine the Alliance is going to frown upon this"--but I will tell you that this was inspired today by my actual drawing of the cover for the book that'll soon come from the "Road Trippin'" series, as seen here.

Kels H. said...

I want to go on a roadtrip. I was about this close *holds up two fingers to show miniscule space* to getting in a car last night & heading toward Disneyland.

Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll draw a cartoon, so at least the stick figure version of me can be a bit less stir crazy.