Saturday, February 27, 2010

Babies + pictures = you're welcome.




Babies are serious business.

"Just like anything, the money's in the rematch."

Brooklyn and Andy (the hospital makes me smile all big-like)

Emery's trying to decide if he can get away with eating the camera.

3/4 of the Jones family. Try to keep up with 'em. (wordplay!)

He's only good at picking his own nose.

Grandma, Andy, Untitled, Emery

Andy, Untitled, Emery (wondering where he can get a suit so fine), Kelly

And, absolutely most importantly:

I feel like this little girl is gonna save the damn world.


Caitie said...

BABIEEES!! This pleases me. A lot.

Waif13 said...

Love the pictures.
Love the suit

Kels H. said...

Untitled = best way to identify an un-named baby ever.