Tuesday, November 3, 2009


When the rain drips through to your windowsill
Screen is open and the water does just what it will
Every morning, you're so tired of this town
Every night, with a wink, you'll burn the whole thing down

Oh babe, bring me all your thunder
Bring some sun to these clouds that I'm under
Bring your good mornings and keep your goodnights
Now let us sleep under the lights

Thunder cracks and it's over far too soon
Lightning strikes and brightens the dark of the room
Empty bed, devoid of familiar faces
Trying to learn of your mind and what its place is

Oh babe, try to catch all the lightning
We've both been so burned and I know that it's frightening
Passion like this often flails and bites
So let us sleep under the lights

Every night that you stay in this place
Just wipes the sweat from your brow to your face
And every night that you pick up the phone
You just feel that much more I alone

I just want you to come home.

It's still raining, and the time I can't bide
Think you could meet me outside?


martha said...

how can we go about listening those tunes to these lyrics?

Kels H. said...

I like it. I'm glad I could help it go public. :)