Saturday, November 28, 2009

Got sort of a badass announcement:

On Tuesday, December 1st, UVU's English and Literature department will be hosting My Word, the release party for their literary journal, Touchstones. This big ballyhoo will feature free food, featured readings from authors whose works Touchstones is publishing, free food, a copious amount of gorgeous art/photography, and I'm pretty sure--although I might be wrong--that someone mentioned something about free food.

I am promoting it on this humble of blogs for two reasons: one, the staff of Touchstones (a proud group of which I am in no way a member) works really damn hard to put out a solid publication. They send out tons of rejection letters (I've gotten several) and read through a ton of crappy prose/poetry (I've sent in a metric ton). They put in long hours, deal with whiners like me who think they're better than everyone else, and they suffer through intense deadlines. My hat goes off to them.

Second of all: they're publishing me.

I've been fortunate enough to have written something an editor felt deluded enough to publish before, and this semester's motley crue (there are no misspellings in hair metal) got so few entries that they decided to put "Gail" in this semester's publication. God bless 'em...they clearly need the help.

In any case, let me cast aside false modesty and graciously thank them for the opportunity, as well as anyone that inspired the story (including some people whose characters are named after Tom Waits albums--you go right to HELL, "Alice"...) or offered their support of it. I'm terribly grateful for even the most meager scraps of support tossed my way, and I'll continue to devour them voraciously, so keep throwin' 'em down.

BUT: the point is, I've been asked to read an excerpt from "Gail" at My Word, so you should all come. There's free food (I don't know if I mentioned that).

For those of you that are Facebook-inclined, you can see more here. Otherwise, it's being held at UVU campus in Orem, UT, in SC206 A&B (commonly referred to by the Mighty Wolverines as Center Stage in the student center) from 7 PM to 10 PM. I don't know when I'm reading, so you'd better come for the whole damn thing, huh. I've been lucky enough to peek at some of the other work that was selected, and it's damn good; other writers will be featured, and you'll get to see a ton of cool art, as well as my handsome face and sexily throaty vocal stylings. Like you'd want to turn down me using the F word from a podium and talking extensively about booze (artistic!).

It'll be a good time. Comment/email with questions. We'd love to see you there. Caitie, Haley, Kelsey, Martha, and Kelly/Nathan/Emery are all coming. Are YOU??!?!

And thank you for all of the support. Seriously.

Mark my words: I'm going to drown you all in earnest gratitude before the year is over.


martha said...

i can't wait!!!!

i do have a work meeting that evening so...i may be late. or leave early. i'm not sure the timing yet. but i'll be there at some point.

Kels H. said...

If Martha's late, I will be, too. But. Hopefully it's the thought that counts.

Also - Andy's second favorite word - damn. So much profanity. tsk tsk.