Monday, September 21, 2009

UPDATED: New song(s)?

Yes, dear reader. New original tunes.

Or, rather, several new tunes. Or, (even more) rather, several month-old tunes recorded with fancypants new microphones, as well as experiments in harmony.


With a Y (A. Sherwin, arr. by Sherwin, K. Hamblin, W. Sandholtz)
Oh Gwen (A. Sherwin)
Coming Back Down (A. Sherwin)
There's Been an Accident (G. Dulli, arr. by Sherwin)

Excuse any sloppiness and warrant any mistakes to, uh, artistic integrity. Or something.

Hope you like.


Hosander said...

Andy! Those are beautiful! great job, I loved them

martha said...

i particularly enjoyed that 5 part harmony.

*mind explosion