Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things I need to be happy:

New episodes of How I Met Your Mother (or old episodes of Gilmore Girls)


A gin and tonic.

Nathaniel Hawthorne short stories.

Led Zeppelin.

Occasional positive feedback.

David Mamet.

A picture of my nephew and me on my desk.

A warm blanket.

Hypothetical plans with you.

And today, I'm batting a thousand.


martha said...

ooo i can't live without some led zep either. or my feather comforter.

and i am now a proud owner of a NEICE.

one day i will have a sweet picture on my desk, too.

Lachelleandmanasseh said...

things I need to be happy:

coffee and/or diet coke
enough fruit to make me sick
a gym membership
the new york times
"burn to shine" once a week
manasseh having any time at all
unexpected phone calls from you.

I also really like it whenever you write a new post.