Monday, September 7, 2009


I rarely subscribe to the This Is What I Did Today blog. I know that's really the general nature of most blogs, and that most of the fun ones are probably about the curry your husband made (but he probably has a really interesting, different nickname because you guys are, like, really different) or the fireside you went to after the Manti pageant or whatever the hell. In any case, I will now wildly diverge from the general malaise and sociocultural whining that usually takes place here to share with you a brief aside:

Met John Doe tonight. Not the anonymous guy that joggers are always finding dead in canyons, but the singer John Doe. You know, the one for whom this blog is named and frequently inspired (but don't hold that against him). He signed a CD, played my favorite tunes from Forever Hasn't Happened Yet and played a really great Joni Mitchell tune.

Then I saw Robert Earl Keen play and he played everything that I wanted him to, including a few that I wouldn't have thought to expect. In a good way.

It was great and you all should've been there.


If you happened to read a previous, expletive-laden blog entry that made references to faith that you uncomfortable and it inspired you to make a phone call to someone that isn't named Andy, you clearly misunderstood the point of it and it's probably directed squarely at you. For the record

But those of you that refrained from making judgments about my actions--or the actions of anyone tangential to those actions--are awesome and are probably much more likely to get into a/the Judeo-Christian Heaven. Seriously, that's what the Bible says.

And because Jesus loved all animals, I submit to you the following for your enjoyment:

Enjoy your week and God bless.


Caitie said...

glad to have been a part of it.

and that bottom picture has been my desktop background for I don't know how many months. I'll never tire of it.

Citizen Andy said...

Unfortunately, my proselytizing in the comments of aforementioned blog failed to get even one more member at my monthly "Followers of Crom" LARP.

Elders Quorum, however, got much more interesting.

I need to find an even less demanding religion.