Monday, September 14, 2009

Good news, or "I understand why lizards live in sunny Arizona...

"...but why people do and call it home, I'll never understand." -Robert Earl Keen

I don't think that any of you that read this (besides Lachelleandmannasseh) have ever met her, but, ladies and gentlemen, the shitstain that is the economy of the service industry has deemed that Sam is too good to be put down any longer and, recently free from the trappings of the temporary occupation that she was so far above, she will likely be crashing on my couch for a few months while she decides which the region of the United States (or beyond?) that most requires her presence. Couldn't think of a better roommate or a better change of pace than to have someone like her around at any time, let alone now.

Sam's moving back here for a bit, Katie's moving back here for a bit, I got my student loans, I'll be a full-time worker once again, possible graduation next April, I got my directed reading approved, Pearl Jam on the 28th, new Jay-Z album, new Soderbergh in a few weeks...shit, life can sure be great when you don't expect it to be.

If anybody needs anything picked up in Phoenix this weekend, let me know. I'm ostensibly flying out on Thursday and driving back in time for class on Friday. Because we're cool like that, me and Sam.

Let's hope her rust-holed* Subaru is up for the challenge.

Sam's blog.

*In re-reading that phrase, it sounds like "rust-holed" is something really, really dirty. It's not. Except that it's, you know...rusty. Cough.