Monday, August 31, 2009

Re-named Blog? or: Music for your Monday.

My, you're perceptive.

The reason for the rename can be downloaded for free on behalf of the good people of right here.

If you're wondering, yes, he is the same John Doe that co-founded the seminal LA punk band X. And after you listen to the song--which you should--you may be asking yourself (or me), "Is that former Cranberries-vocalist Dolores O'Riordan co-lead singing?

Yes, dear reader. It is. I think. My research has brought me conflicting results, but what the hell, you probably haven't heard of Kathleen Edwards, who has been reported to possibly be the co-vocalist. I know I hadn't, either.

Mr. Doe is coming to Park City with Robert Earl Keen on September 7th. Be there or be a cheap asshole with bad taste.

You're not a cheap asshole with bad taste...are you?


Lachelleandmanasseh said...

is it possible to be a cheap asshole with good taste?

Hosander said...

Andy, have you seen this?