Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tonight, I would've gladly done without a blanket.

I woke up near Rittenhouse Square
There was noise in the hall, snow was flowing in the air
And I could see just then the flashing spark
Of the match to my first smoke

Some houses are built to last
It's the couple inside that change too fast
I can see their faces looking through the glass
They're not where they belong

I see your feet at the edge of the bed
While an old love song is creeping into your head
And as your eyes just closed I could only guess
If you were dreaming of me again

Stained glass casts a flickering light
With the curtains closed I can't tell if it's night
But I know for sure that this sure feels right
With you here between my arms

And I hope that you can take me
When I'm going out of my head.
And I hope that you will keep me
Keep me warm in your bed.

I want to stay with you
Won't you let me stay?
You're a Beautiful Girl.
I'm right where I belong
I'm here with you.
You're a Beautiful Girl.

You're a Beautiful Girl.

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