Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Resident Evil 5 for bourbon may be a step down, but it'll have to do.

You've never seen where I live, have you? Well, there we go--we've just identified the primary issue with all of this. We've now underlined the main symptom to this entire situation, the reason that this has yet to soar to the sun like it should be.

There's a corner that I'm saving for you. On one of the three bookcases, there are two empty shelves that are reserved. They have your name on them. Literally. I made a little nametag, like a place reservation at a wedding. I know that you have more books than could be contained on two meager shelves, but I feel like that's the first step: for us to intermingle our collections, to introduce them to one another and hope that they'll get along. I want us to start a library the way that we'll be starting everything else. Let's fill our minds and hearts and shelves with the books that our parents hid from us, the ones that challenge and inspire and hurt in that good realizing-what-it's-all-about kind of way.

This may sound odd, but I bought you a toothbrush about a month ago. It's still sitting there, hermetically sealed inside of its packaging, asking to be let out, crying to be used and massaged against your gums and to tickle your tongue and make your mouth taste the way that you look. (if you assume I mean "minty," you're not really getting the point of this.)

I've got a queen-sized mattress that I bought from Allison for $35 that is about as comfortable as a $35 (or possibly even a $40) mattress could be. But what is important: I have flannel sheets that you can slip between and tangle almost effortlessly. I only sleep with a single pillow, but I have two there. You never know when to expect a you-shaped visitor. And I'm an accommodating guy.

Sometimes, before I fall asleep to the American folk music that never ceases to remind me of you, I find myself reminding myself staring at the phone, thinking of an excuse to call you at such an ungodly hour. There's a very specific type of Goodnight. that I would be hard-pressed to find escape another's lips.

I can't quite decide if you're as far away as it feels like you are.

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